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Doing our part.

We are a family, a small group, trying to respond to the pleas of parents who lost their kids in mindless violence. We are your neighbors, your peers, and your friends. We have kids the same age as the Parkland teens who stood up for their fallen friends and endured. We are 'Doing  Something' as the President requested after Parkland. While our leaders are working hard to end gun violence, our start-up is taking a small step, accepting the problem, and acting on it as parents. We are working on our end to provide our kids with armor, a defense mechanism to protect themselves. We are introducing tools that can do better than the stones and sticks. You are a big part of this equation. You decide when and how to use these tools. A process and protocol have to be built to fit your school. We invite you to join this movement. Together as a team, let's move this forward as a way to deter and defend against gun violence. Along with other common-sense measures, we can make our schools a safer place.

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