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mutually assured RAPID response(M.A.R.R)

Self defense is vital for any living organism.

Our goal at GoodGuyBot is to provide
a Mutually Assured Rapid Response (M.A.R.R) capability
for those who need it.

An assured response is a deterrent for an attacker.

You don't mess with a baby pufferfish or a porcupine because you know you will get the quills. The quills are the assured response!

We are working on an automated M.A.R.R system that can scan for threats and respond in a non-lethal manner using cameras, sensors and Artificial Intelligence. Our goal is to make it available as an open-source project so anyone can build it on their own.


While we are working on our above goal, we have created a simple remotely operated pepper spray delivery system. Please check the 'Classroom Sentry' page for more information.

GoodGuyBot door sign shows your readiness to M.A.R.R

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