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We need a solution and we need it NOW.

We need a solution and we need it NOW.

While we are working long hours to design a fully automatic GoodGuyBot®, casualties were mounting in school shootings all over the United StatesWe needed a semi-automatic interim solution that is efficient and leverages the drone piloting and gaming skills of our students.GoodGuyBot® Jr. was born from this need.  It is a strictly nonlethal, remotely operated self-defense system flown by students or staff from a secure location. This system aced our internal testings in the hands of our teen test pilot!  We are offering GoodGuyBot® Jr. for Beta testing for a limited number of schools starting now.

GoodGuyBot® Jr.


  • Available for Beta Testing now !


  • Drone with advanced way-point functions and ability to carry at least 1lb. of payload required. 


  • Designed for quick and easy snap-on assembly.


  • Estimated assembly time of 10 min. 


  • Basic skills required. Age level 12+ with adult supervision.  


  • Semi-automatic, using drone waypoints and pre-defined missions.


  • Costs less than $250 for all components excluding drone.




  • Currently in design

  • Sold as a whole unit. No additional assembly required.

  • Professional installation required

  • Fully automatic

  • The unit and sensors cost $$$$

GoodGuyBot® GooGyBot® and GooGy Scoreare trademarks of Chakra Robotics LLC

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