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Chakra Robotics LLC. 

Adding a New Dimension of Safety to Classrooms Across the US


Omaha, Nebraska, United States of America—August 1, 2018—On August 1st, Chakra Robotics LLC. is opening the sign up for beta testing of a new product, the GoodGuyBot Jr.™ The GoodGuyBot Jr.™ System is a tool which delivers a strictly non-lethal force via drone to protect students from aggressors. The system is operated from a safe distance and can be operated by students or the school staff. Chakra Robotics LLC. developed the GoodGuyBot Jr.™ system in response to the increase in violence in schools across the US. Beta testing will be open to any school administrators who can prove their affiliation to a school. It will include a 3D printable file and information to assemble the system as a DIY project.  Individuals can sign up for beta testing starting on August 1st at The GoodGuyBot Jr.™ is a precursor to a fully automatic version of the system which will integrate facial recognition and threat sensing technologies to automatically respond to threats at schools and public places with minimal human intervention.


Upon approval for beta testing, all members with verified affiliation to a public or private school will be sent 3D printing files and material to make a training version of the GoodGuyBot Jr.™ System. The 3D printed trainer shell will use a micro-spray paint canister to practice building and assembling the system. Assembly will take as little as 10 minutes, and information to assemble the unit is included in the beta release. If a 3D printer is not already available at the school, any 3D printing service can be used. 


The GoodGuyBot Jr.™ System was developed by Chakra Robotics LLC. in response to the “Do Something” request by the POTUS after Parkland. As parents, neighbors, peers, and member of the community, Chakra Robotics LLC., the small start-up,  is taking a step forward by accepting the problem and acting on it. The introduction of the GoodGuyBot Jr.™ is the beginning of applying technology to protect our kids and deter and defend against gun violence. Along with other common-sense measures, the GoodGuyBot Jr.™ can make schools a safer place.


Chakra Robotics LLC. and GoodGuyBot Jr. are trademarks Chakra Robotics LLC. in the United States and other countries.


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