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Create safe drone usage laws. Contact your representatives

We need your help. Write or call your Representatives. You can find them at the links below. 

Let them know you are supporting the use of GoodGuyBot  in our schools. Request for them to pass the necessary laws to make safe use of this technology, and protect our kids. Call them or email them.

You may use the template below

The Honorable ________

United States House of Representatives/United State Senate
City, State, Zip

Subject:  Please keep our kids safe at schools. Mandate drone based active security measures as the first line of defense at schools.

Dear Representative/Senator ______________: 

As a citizen concerned about the safety of our schools,  I urge you to support the use of GoodGuyBot as the first line of defense to protect our children from armed invaders at school. The GoodGuyBot  is a system and method to subdue attackers in schools with the use of non-lethal force delivered by a drone. As you and I agree, the lives of our kids is not a partisan issue.  If the technology to protect them exists, we have a responsibility as parents/lawmakers to make use of it. I request you to please legislate the appropriate laws which allow the use of this system in our schools and prevent misuse of drone-based technologies.  I request you to add provisions to subsidize any security installations to protect our kids retroactively.  I believe the resources spent on our school is an investment in our future.


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